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We are a graphic and web design studio with more than 13 years of experience. We aim to deliver simple and functional messages focused on achieving companies' breakthrough. We also promote quality Mexican design as an investment tool. We make our costumers happy, and we are proud of creating successful “faces“ and branding for companies. Our services include: branding and logo design, website development, development process of a trade mark in Mexico, Google digital marketing, printed advertisement, animation and social media management.



Throughout our 13 years of experience, we are thankful for being recognised by different Institutions like: Mexican Economic Secretary, México Emprende Organisation, a! Diseño Magazine, DIF México, between others. We have also participated in different conferences, events, publications and television programs sharing our philosophy and background.

National DIF AwardNational DIF AwardSilver mention a! DiseñoSilver mention a! DiseñoEl Emprendedor México InterviewEl Emprendedor México InterviewMexico Emprende and Secretary of EconomyMexico Emprende and Secretary of EconomyConferences and PublicationsConferences and Publications

National DIF Award

Honorific mention -DIF Nacional- for the poster: The Family. The Rights of Girls and Boys. This same poster was chosen as the image of the Pan-American Congress of the Child in Latin America.

Silver mention a! Diseño

The recognized magazine a! Diseño, through the annual "Award a!", awards the silver prize to the PUNTO VERDE logo in the category of sustainable design. Published in the magazine No. 99.

El Emprendedor México Interview

Presence of Ja! Estudio in the program Entrepreneur Mexico (Emprendedor México), of the channel Management TV in 2009, where the viewer can learn more about the history of Ja! Estudio. Televised in: Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and all Latin America.

Mexico Emprende and Secretary of Economy

We are a success story for the Ministry of Economy and Mexico Emprende 2009-2011. We are also image of entrepreneurs in the SME Week 2009 and 2010.

Conferences and Publications

We have had the opportunity to participate in different conferences, events, publications and other media, sharing our philosophy and background with entrepreneurs from all over the country.